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PRAGNA HOSPITAL is foremost in taking care of critically ill neonates.

It is managed by Dr Suresh Kumar Surapaneni. First DM qualified neonatologist in Ap and Telangana states along with a big team. Care of ill newborn requires team effort and we provide comprehensive care which comprises of round the clock highly efficient doctors and nurses with state of art equipment. We provide 1:1 nurse baby ratio for sick and ventilated newborn.

Procedures Done:
1. Ventilation of the newborn
2. Surfactant administration for babies with immature lungs that is Hyaline Membrane Disease.
3. Arterial line and central lines
4. Umbilical Line Catheterisation
5. Exchange Transfusion for babies with Jaundice.
6. Laser surgery for Retinopathy Of Prematurity i.e a common eye problem in premature babies on oxygen

Neonates taken care in the NICU

Baby born preterm at 7-8 months wih very low birth weight 500-600 grams are effectively managed in our NICU.We take so good care that many of these babies had good neurodevelopmental outcome.
Neonates having breathing difficulty at birth due to immaturity of lungs or any other cause are taken care of.We have expertise in intubation and ventilation and administration of special liquid called surfactant in the immature lungs.
Our hospital provides care for new borns with jaundice by providing phototherapy units and in case of high values exchange transfusion is also done
Those babies who have infections since birth or develop infections in newborn periodrequire intensive care. We are equipped with laboratory facilities and staff to take care of these neonates.
Surgical problems like TRacheo esophageal Fistula ie a connection between the food and wind pipes,absence of anal opening,and other such complex congenital problems are treated as well as post operative care is taken.
Newborns with complex congenital metabolic diseases are diagnosed and treated in our NICU.

Equipments in our NICU

Our hospital owns state of art equipment for newborn care like:

1. WARMERS: Latest servo controlled warmers FROM Philips,Fischer Paykel and Phoenix are available to maintain temperature of the newborn.
3. VENTILATORS: We are equipped with latest ventilators like SLE 2000,SLE 5000,SIEMENS, CPAP machine for taking care of newborns with respiratory failure.
4. HIGH FREQUENCY OSCILLATOR: This is a special types of ventilator that provides thousands of breaths per minute to a select subset of babies and one of the advanced of ventilation.
5. NITRIC OXIDE: This gas is delivered to select to selected suset of babies with high pulmonary pressures and who cannot maintain their oxygen concentration by conventional methods.This is available in very few centres in India.
6. MONITORS: Multiparameter from Philips (Germany Make)
7. SYRINGE PUMPS and INFUSION PUMPS: from Braun (Germany make)

Advanced monitors are available to monitor vital parameters of the baby and syringe pumps to deliver exact amount of fluid and drugs to the baby.