We are happy to inform you that Pragna hospital is COVID vaccination Center For all people- eligible age as per Government directive.
Contact numbers : 8297071111/ 9848099929

online appointment for Covid vaccination - www.cowin.gov.in


1.New Born Nutrition, early enteral nutrition, minimal enteral nutrition, Exclusive human milk breast milk for preterm, human milk fortification - NNEC prevention strategies.

2.Total parenteral nutrition-total TPN or partial PPN.

3.Breast Feeding
(Importance,Technique,Timing,Burping, Position, Continuation,
-for term and preterm/low birth weight infants

4.Palada feeding and spoon feeding for preterm and low birth weight babies

5.Complimentary Feeding
(What to start / how to start / when to start).

6.Feeding during childhood
( Preschool / school / Adolescents).

7.Food Allergy - special diets , diet advice Under Nutrition-expert analysis and management.

8.Malnutrition (.PEM-Kawashiorkar / Marasmus).

B.Iron Deficiency.
C.Trace Elements Deficiency (Zinc,Copper/Chromium/Selenium.)

10.Failure to thrive- not gaining weight -work up , dietary amnagement and overall guidance

11.Counselling regarding growth and nutrition -preventive and curative

12.Comparision with growth charts (Standard) to assess the proper growth of your child.

13.Calcium supplementation,Vitamin D , Iron and other essential nutrients supplementation (For proper growth,Dental,Bone development).

14.Importance of Nutrition during various disease and major illness. (diarrhea/constipation)

15.Diet/Nutrition charts.- diet chart for diabetic children , children with renal disease and hypertension,iron rich diets.

16.Iron Supplementation- to prevent deficiency and for those who are already deficient

17.Overweight / Obesity-prevention , treatment and comprehensive management strategy

18.Short Stature.

19.Abnormal eating behaviours.

20.Diet management in diabetic child with specific reference to growth