We are happy to inform you that Pragna hospital is COVID vaccination Center For all people- eligible age as per Government directive.
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Outpatient Services

We offer a full range of pediatric outpatient services to meet the unique physical, emotional and development needs of children from infancy through adulthood.

From year 2000, Pragna Hospital for Children, has been providing advance technology coupled with compassionate, specialized care to become the most recognized names in children’s healthcare. Led by dedicated doctors, specialists and caregivers

Why Pragna

* 24 hours Opd service
* Regular Opd 9am to 9 pm
* Emergency Opd 9pm to 9 am
* Convenient way for op appointments-telephone, website , practo app and website
* Walkin and manual appointments for next visit
* Emergency back up of 24 hours unlike ordinary clinics

Out patient services we offer are :

Well experienced doctors in this field evaluate the growth, development and behaviour of the child through anthropometry and various developmental screening tests. The experts understand that children’s development and behavior happen first and foremost in the context of the family. They seek to understand the family’s view of the problem and the effect of the child’s problem on the family. Developmental-behavioral pediatricians advocate for their patients with developmental and behavioral problems by working closely with schools, preschools, and other agencies involved with developmental care and education.

Developmental-behavioral pediatricians evaluate, counsel, and provide treatment for children, adolescents, and their families with a wide range of developmental and behavioral difficulties, including - Autism spectrum disorders, Attention and behavioral disorders, Learning disorders including dyslexia, writing difficulties, math disorders, and other school-related learning problems, Delayed development in speech, language, motor skills, and thinking ability, Tics, Tourette syndrome, and other habit disorders Regulatory disorders including sleep disorders, feeding problems, discipline difficulties, complicated toilet-training issues, enuresis (bedwetting), and encopresis (soiling).
Children with various medical illness will be seen on out-patient basis. Child will be evaluated through appropriate laboratory and imaginary investigations to arrive diagnosis. Child with mild to moderate severity will be treated with oral medication on OPD basis. Here are the few common complaints or symptoms and possible illness-

Cough, cold, fever, body pains, weakness – Viral illness
Cold, cough – Upper respiratory tract infection
Cold, cough, fever, increased work of breathing - Lower respiratory tract infection
Cough , difficulty in breathing - asthma
Vomitings, loose motions, abdominal pain – Gastro enteritis
Fever, abdominal pain, difficulty in passing urine – Urinary tract infection
Immunisation, is the process by which an individual's immune system becomes fortified against an agent.Immunization is done through various techniques, most commonly vaccination. Vaccines against micro organisms that cause diseases can prepare the body's immune system, thus helping to fight or prevent an infection. In our hospital we will give vaccines for various infectious diseases as per IAP shedule which contains BCG, OPV, IPV, DPT, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Pneumococcal, Rota virus, MMR, Varicella, Typhoid. Vaccines for risk groups like Influenza, meningococcal, vaccines for International vaccine certificate like yellow fever vaccine and adult vaccines like Human papilloma virus vaccine are available in our center.
Cafeteria approach in vaccination
Latest vaccines
Vaccines as per Indian schedules and specific country schedules for children coming from USA,Europe,,Newzealand ,Australia,UAE ,South Africa and others
Dr Suresh kumar surapaneni is the first DM qualified Neonatologist in Andhra pradesh working in this field since 1996. He is the head of neonatolgy department. Services providing on out patient basis are Newborn general check up, birth vaccines, counselling on neonatal care and breast feeding, fallow up services for various neonatal illness and congenietal problems. Neonates having health issues, requiring admission are can be admitted. Pragna hospital has tertiary level neonatal intensive care unit with qualified doctors, trained nurses.
No one enjoys having lab work done, especially kids. Let’s face it, some laboratory testing may be intimidating or downright scary. But it can be the best way to accurately diagnose and treat your child’s condition. And when it comes to your child’s health, only accurate and timely test results will do. That’s why we offer pediatric lab services in a warm, nurturing and child-friendly environment to make the experience as stress-free as possible for your child. Our diagnostic services includes various biochemistry, pathology, microbiology investigations. Our diagnostic services also provide karyotyping, metabolic screening, TORCH profile, allery panel tests and many more.Our imaginary diagnostic services includes X ray (Portable) and Ultrasound.

Wea also have Brain evoked response audiometry (BERA) test , Electro encephalogram (EEG) test done by trained technicians on appointments.
Our hospital providing super speciality services on various fields like Pediatric cardiology, Pediatric endocrinology, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric neurology, Pediatric surgery by high qualified specialists with prior appointmants. Cases like-

Pediatric cardiology :Ventricular septal defects, Atrial septal defects, cyanotic heart diseases

Pediatric endocrinology : Childhood Obesity, Juvenile diabetes, Hypothyroidism, delayed puberty, Short stature.

Pediatric Nephrology : Nephrotic syndrome, nephritic syndrome, pyelonephritis, renal failure

Pediatric Neurology : Children with seizre disordes, movement disorders, Hemiplegia
We provide minor surgical services like treating minor burns, abscess drainage and glue application for skin lacerations on OP basis.
For children with lower growth centiles, Certificate from specialist pediatrician will be issued after child evaluation for migratiory services.